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My name is Chana and I started From Me To U Essentials while working as a NC licensed Manicurist and Esthetician. I began making my own pedicure scrubs because I simply wanted to give my clients not only great service but truly authentic products made from wholesome, natural and simple ingredients that would be beneficial to the skin.  After making my first few batches of Pedicure Scrubs and using them on my client's I noticed how well they worked and how receptive my client's were to the product I created.  This is how the journey into creating holistic and natural foot, hand & body care products began. As a result of positive feedback and request from my clients; I began selling them online and at vendor trade shows.  As time went on I began toying with the idea of creating additional products that would be neutrally suited for Men and Women. After much research, labor and testing of different variations of natural ingredients I created a nourishing "Whipped Shea Body Creme" as an all over body moisturizer. 


Still today I have the pleasure of providing my clients with exceptional service as a North Carolina Pedicurist. The name of my mobile pedicure business is called the "The Traveling Pedicurist" and I often use my signature brand crafted products in the services I offer my clients and they truly LOVE them! To date, we also carry a holistic footcare oil; infused with essential oils, to help restore and manage the feet as a home maintenance solution. The Antifungal Oil can be purchased on this website.

At this time, the website has a few select products and this is with intention. I believe in quality over quantity and have focused on the products I am confident in and that work for our customer base without disappointment. 

We welcome both Men and Women to try our products. If you have any questions, we are more than willing to be of assistance. 


Thanks again!


Peace & Blessings

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